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Cheese is a product loved by millions of Spaniards. It is a food that stirs passions, and which for many of us forms part of a favourite meal. Traditionally, it is eaten when with family or friends, along with a good wine, and it is a pleasure most difficult to give up.

Being a creamery involves creating something which makes people happy. Something which day to day, and also on special occasions, brings family and friends together. But it is also much more than that: it is a culture, an art. Since 1930 Quesos Manzer has been doing what it knows best — cheese, in a multitude of shapes and ages, from slices up to 3 kg, from young to aged, and suited to the taste buds of lovers of this delicacy. Keeping the tradition alive is one of the most important values which Manzer upholds today, as proven by the taste of each of its products.

The forebears of the current generation (the fourth), a family of business people from Guijuelo (Salamanca), settled in Villa de Valderas (León), located in the middle of the Tierra de Campos region where there was a significant tradition of ranching, especially sheep-ranching.
This was the year which saw the start of artisanal production of the cheese, which at the time was made only with unpasteurised sheep’s milk, and its sale at a local and regional level under the name ‘Manzano Hernández'.
The years passed and production moved progressively from artisanal to more industrialised. Commercialisation went nationwide, and in 1969 production moved from the primitive artisanal premises to the site at Ctra. Villanueva. Also, the brand name changed to ‘Manzer' and the characteristic mouse was chosen as a symbol.
Owing to the company’s growth, 1985 saw a major expansion of installations, specifically, the opening of a new production area equipped with the latest technology which doubled production capacity. Similarly, the product portfolio was widened by including mixed milk and goat’s milk cheeses of different ages.
There was a further expansion with the opening of a new ageing and storage area. At the same time, the product range was expanded with the incorporation of the most advanced technology which allowed the production of all the products handled.
In 2014, Manzer launched its new corporate image, adapting to the new demands of the marketplace, with a fresher and more up-to-date design which continues with the brand’s star symbol: the mouse.

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