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Goat’s Cheese


Pasteurised goat’s milk, salt, rennet, lactic starters, calcium chloride and preservative: lysozyme (egg derivative).


> 7 days.


Soft milky aroma. The goat’s cheese  has a flavour characteristic of goat’s milk, smooth and balanced. Slightly elastic paste, melting and very soluble. Semi-soft. Uniform intense white colour. Uneven-sized eyes with homogeneous distribution and shiny surface.


Faces etched with wheat-ear shapes and lateral grooves in zigzag. Orange colour.


Keep refrigerated between 4 and 8ºC. Protect the cut surface of the cheese with aluminium foil or shrink-wrap.


Remove the cheese from the fridge with enough time for it to reach around 20ºC. At that temperature, its aroma and flavour come through in all their intensity.

2.5 kg whole cheese · Half 2.5 kg whole cheese · Cut (fixed weight 250g) · Cut (variable weight) · 200g tray of cheese slices (rectangular) · 85g tray of cheese slices (rectangular) €1 · 85g tray of cheese slices (rectangular) · 0.4 kg mini whole cheese · Half 0.4 kg mini whole cheese · Quarter 2.5 kg whole cheese · 3 kg block