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Semi-Cured Sheep’s Milk Cheese


Pasteurised sheep’s milk, salt, rennet, calcium chloride, lactic starters and preservative: lysozyme (egg derivative).


> 35 days.


Uneven-sized eyes with homogeneous distribution and a shiny, ivory surface. Soluble and semi-hard texture.  The aroma of the semi-cured cheese  is intense and enduring, with a smooth taste with moments of strength.


Black-coloured rind, with a well-marked and defined plait.


Keep refrigerated between 2 and 8ºC. Protect the cut surface of the cheese with aluminium foil or shrink-wrap.


Remove the cheese from the fridge with enough time for it to reach around 20ºC. At that temperature, its aroma and flavour come through in all their intensity.

3 kg whole cheese · Half 3 kg whole cheese · Cut (fixed weight 250g) · Cut (variable weight) · 150g tray of cheese slices (rectangular) · 1 kg mini whole cheese · 3 kg block.